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Burns and Gray has an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Monroe NC.  And John Burns can help you with injuries caused by workplace practices and conditions.

Because of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, an employer is responsible for medical expenses and two-thirds of lost wages for an injury caused in the workplace. Also, other assistance includes compensation for permanent injury or death benefits, payable to spouses or next of kin. Finally, at the end of your case, you may qualify for a lump sum settlement.  Therefore, if you were injured on the job, contact Burns, Gray & Gray today.

workers compensation lawyer Monroe NC
Workers Compensation

First of all, each day, employees are in danger of a variety of workplace accidents.  So it seems like no worker is immune from a workplace injury, whether it is in an industrial, office or retail setting.  Also, if you are injured, you will appreciate what a Union County workplace accident attorney can do for you.  And regardless of whether the insurance company is paying benefits or if your claim is denied and you need to request a hearing before the commission.

Also, Monroe workplace accidents take on many different forms.  And they include slip and falls, injuries caused by falling materials, overexertion, exposure to harmful chemicals and injuries resulting from workplace conditions and practices.  In addition, they also include highway accidents, and the actions or inactions of co-workers. In conclusion, you must provide resulting written notice of workplace accidents to employers within 30 days of the injury.  And claims should be filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission within 24 months of the injury.

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